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Lax Fines for Violations Won't Help Nursing Home Residents

A recent New York Times article reported on the Trump Administration’s actions to “ease” nursing home fines for violations of Medicare regulations. Ease is a word that is often used when talking about the lessening of a heavy, and o… Read More
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How to Complaint About an Ohio Nursing Home

You may have been in, or heard stories about, a nursing home where things just didn’t seem right. Maybe it was the line of residents parked in their wheelchairs in the hallway. Maybe it was a smell indicating residents weren’t being given… Read More
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Ohio Nursing Home Residents' Rights

Placing a loved one in a Skilled Nursing or Long Term Care Facility can be difficult in many ways. From feelings of losing independence, to concerns about whether the facility will be willing and able to provide the care required, the experience can… Read More
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