Why Choose Our Firm

Our Dedication

We represent the injured that is all that we do. Many firms advertise that they handle personal injury claims, but at Shapero | Roloff it is our passion. We see the fight for justice and the fight for individuals’ rights as a noble calling. We represent all of our clients, from those with sophisticated medical negligence, employment, or product liability cases, to those with clear fault auto accident cases, with the same level of competence and compassion. We take your personal tragedy seriously, which means that if you choose us to represent you, we will not refer you to another attorney. We will represent you fully from start to finish.

Our passion for justice extends beyond each individual client. In recent years, tort reform measures have been passed by the legislature after aggressive lobbying by large corporations. These tort reform measures seek to strip away individual rights and make it difficult to bring injury claims. Through seminar teaching, community leadership roles, and volunteering, we at Shapero | Roloff strive to educate others about the importance of preserving individual rights.

Our Experience

Managing partner Neal E. Shapero has been fighting for justice for the injured for over 26 years. As the son of a factory worker, Mr. Shapero has seen, firsthand, the impact injuries have on the lives of those who suffer them. In over 26 years Mr. Shapero has litigated and tried nearly 100 jury trials, including a significant number of complex and sophisticated cases. View our Interesting Cases to see some examples. Mr. Shapero is also frequently invited to educate legal professionals on handling personal injury, medical malpractice, and nursing home cases. In addition, his expertise is sought by other lawyers throughout Ohio and in surrounding states. Through Mr. Shapero’s efforts he has even helped to create new law in the State of Ohio.

Retired partner David Roloff co-founded Shapero | Roloff and practiced with the firm until 2005. Mr. Roloff spent more than 25 years representing individuals and labor unions in employment disputes. As regional counsel for the United Autoworkers Union and district counsel for the International Association of Machinists, Mr. Roloff handled a wide variety of labor law issues. He also helped develop and lead a number of state and local employment lawyer organizations, and was regularly invited to speak on employment and labor law issues before professional and civic organizations. Mr. Roloff’s contribution to Shapero | Roloff is a lasting legacy of passion for seeking justice for individuals and labor groups in the employment setting.

All of the attorneys at Shapero | Roloff feel that staying on top of current law, strategies, and trends is crucial to representing clients competently and professionally. That is why our attorneys regularly speak at seminars, educating other legal professionals on current and changing law.

Our Reputation

We take seriously the old adage that “a lawyer’s reputation is his or her most valuable asset.” In recent years, public opinion of lawyers has suffered. At Shapero | Roloff we strive to give not only our clients, but our referring and opposing counsel, a reason to believe that lawyers are good. We listen to our clients, educate them about the legal process, and are available to share information about their cases with them. We also work extremely hard to ensure that all of our actions in vigorously representing our clients are carried out with the utmost professionalism and ethics. We do not feel that there is any need to sacrifice these two sacred tenants in order to be successful, and our widespread reputation proves this.

We are very proud of how much of our business reaches us through word-of-mouth referrals from clients and legal professionals, and we constantly strive to maintain the respect of our colleagues. In the end, our well-regarded reputation benefits our clients.

If you have questions about the services Shapero | Roloff can provide, we invite you to contact us.