Always report your injuries at work

The first item on our checklist of what to do when you are hurt at work is to report the injury. Immediately tell co-workers on your crew that you were injured, and point out to them conditions in the workplace that contributed to the accident. Your co-workers can verify your version of events and become important witnesses if you need to pursue a case. Notify your union representative as soon as possible, so you can get help with any investigation or hearing related to the incident. And make sure that your immediate supervisor is aware of the incident before you leave the property.

I have seen too many employees fail to promptly report an injury because they think the pain will go away after some rest. After a few days, when the pain is much worse and they need medical attention, the employee is faced with a dilema. If they notify the railroad at that point, the employee will likely be disciplined for failing to report the injury, or for falsifying an incident report. And if they don’t report the injury at all, they will be unable to receive compensation through the FELA for medical expenses, lost wages, etc. Avoid this problem — always report your workplace injuries when they occur.

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