Workplace Injury Checklist

Every railroad employee should know the proper steps to take when suffering an injury at work. Below is a checklist of some of the basic things to remember. I will discuss each point in more detail in later posts. If you suffer an injury at work, or have any questions about the information below, feel free to contact Shapero Roloff at (216) 781-1700 or toll free at (800) 321-9199.

  1. Report the injury (to your co-workers, immediate supervisor, and union representative)
  2. Demand immediate medical attention, if necessary
  3. Fill out an incident report
  4. If possible, do not give a recorded statement
  5. Apply for RRB sickness benefits
  6. Get medical treatment from your own physician
  7. Avoid light duty
  8. Get legal advice from a railroad law attorney as soon as possible.

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